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I create change.
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Heidi Pedersen is a Registered Canadian

Art Therapist

Art therapy has the power to create change for people facing unique and universal challenges. As a professional art therapist, Heidi has empowered individuals, groups, and organizations through artistic exploration since 2013.

Sessions are structured to meet needs and goals- this includes allotted timeframes, choice of materials/ activities, and providing requested psychoeducational resources as needed. 

Heidi also provides workshops and consults for peers & professionals, supervision for fellow art therapists, and mentorship for practicum students. 

Interpersonal & social dynamics are a passion piece. We heal in relationship with each other. As a feminist, part of the LGBTQ2IA+ community, a survivor of domestic violence, and a birth mother, Heidi deeply believes in our ability to create lasting change.  

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Academic research, article contributions, and a new artistic narrative.

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