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Silver Hands: Art Therapy Activities with Survivors of Domestic Violence

Follow the journey of survivors as they walk the fairy-tale path of love and loss. Heidi explores the benefits of creating inner strength in a liminal space with these courageous survivors. 

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Walking With:
An emerging dialogue with art therapists in the cultural commons

Articles written by Heidi Pedersen include: 


Chapter 2:

  • Allies and Advocates

          with Dr. Zoe Armstrong

Chapter 4:

  • Art as Common Ground: A Medium for Communication, Connection, and Healing

  • Adaptive Art Making

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The Art of Non-Monogamy

A groundbreaking collaboration challenging the narratives of monogamous norms through art and story. 

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F**k That: 
Women's Anger & Empowerment

Join us as we explore our anger, where it comes from, and what anger is telling us needs to change. 


Team Building

Build cohesion, connect, relieve tension, and have a few laughs. 

Choose from a variety of therapeutic activities formatted to fit your team's schedule and needs. 

Bold Art & Lifestyle Sessions

Explore complex relationship dynamics, navigate conflict, and (re)connect with your partners. 

Supervision & Consults

Prevent burnout, gain new perspectives & resources, address transference, and learn new techniques. 

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